Signature Bridge: Another accident happened within 24 hours

Signature Bridge

It seems that the Signature Bridge of Delhi has become a period for the people. Three people have died in two accidents within 24 hours. On Saturday morning, one of the two bike riders lost their lives while one seriously injured.

The news is being told that their bike slipped on the bridge and both fell. Consequently, one died on the spot. Let me tell you that one such incident took place on Friday, in which two young men lost their life.

After the accidents on the Signature Bridge, questions about the safety of the bridge have arisen. However, experts say there is no defect in the design of the Bridge. But daily travelers are questioning the gap between the two sides of the bridge. The incident took place Friday due to the gap between two sides of the bridge.

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We want to explain that two students of bike riders died in the accident on the Bridge on Friday morning. The deceased Vijay Sankaran Baba was doing an internship at the Hindu Rao Hospital. His fellow Chandrashekhar was a second-year student at MBBS in the same medical college.

Two Bike Riders killed at Signature Bridge 

In the investigation, it has been found that the bike was trapped in a wire derived from Street Light on Bridge and collided with the railings. This resulted in two students falling 30 feet below the bridge. At around 8.45 am, the police were informed that two bike riders have fallen below the signature bridge.

The signature bridge accident is being termed as expert negligence. In the morning, the speed of the vehicles is high due to the road being empty. This Bridge has also become a big Selfie Point. Traffic police and DTTDC should have maximum signage board in such a situation.

Fictitious police will have to take strict action against those who break the law. Special attention has been put to the vehicle runners at a higher speed. At the same time, the main carriage and away from the sidewalk need to make some selfie points. In any condition, people should not stop at the bridge.

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