Sabarimala Opening Today Live: Protests Against Women’s Entry


After the Supreme Court’s historic decision, today’s cupboards of Sabarimala temple are open for the first time. But devotees having faith in the temple administration and Swami Ayyappa are still not entitled to women entry into the temple.

The kapat of Kerala’s famous temple is going to open today. The Supreme Court had removed the ban on women’s entry in the temple. People associated with the temple and followers of Swami Ayyappa are telling this decision against their faith.

Since the Supreme Court’s order to allow all girls and women to enter the temple, hence the doors of the temple are going to be opened today. Today at 5 pm, the doors of the Sabarimala temple are open.

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On Wednesday there is a large crowd gathering near the temple. A large number of women are going to enter the temple, while thousands of devotees engaged in trying to stop them. From now on, the ongoing activity is slowly taking violent forms.

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Gopalakrishnan’s wife, former president of the temple’s temple opposing entry of women, took into custody. Apart from them, about 50 other people also detained.

A mob of protesters sabotaged a media van. The police are forcibly evicting protesters from the Pamba base camp. A family in which women and children are involves moving towards the temple through the hill. But the protesters drove him out of there. The family came from Andhra to visit the temple only.

Explain that the Supreme Court had terminated the old tradition of preventing women from entering the temple from 10 to 50 years, saying it was wrong and allowed women of all ages to enter. Since that order, the doors of the temple will open for the first time on Wednesday on 17 October at 5 pm. For more latest updates follow on Facebook and Twitter.