RBI Issued New 100 Rupees Note – Identify Fake 100 Rupees Note

100 Rupees Note

We are going to tell you that the banks have now started issuing a new note of Rs 100 to the customers. This new 100 rupees note is of colored paint. But when any new note comes into the circulation market, fake counterfeit 100 also increases the apprehensions of the market.

This thing gets stronger because when the annual report of the Reserve Bank of India says that in the year 2017-18, the highest numbers of fake notes of 100 rupees were found.

It is important that you recognize the new 100 rupees note. So that whenever you get a new note of 100 rupees in your hand, you can identify it through below given features. Actually, every note has some safety features. There are also new notes of 100. By taking care of them, you can avoid any kind of deception.

How to identify a fake or real 100-Rupee Note

RBI has said that in the front of the new 100 rupees note you will see 100 written in Devanagari script language. Along with this, in the center of the note, there is a picture of Mahatma Gandhi. The small letters ‘RBI’, ‘India’, ‘India’ and ‘100’ are written.

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Price is cross-matching with square digit 100. Apart from this, the latent stills with the price class score of 100 are also present. The security arrangements have also been made in the safe. There is also a security thread on it.

You will also find a color shift in it. When you move the notes, the color of the thread will be green in color. At the same time, the guarantee section on the right side of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait, the signature of the governor including the verse clause and also the symbol of the Reserve Bank of India.

Features of New 100 Rupees Note

Not only this, but the number panel will also show you this. It has a small increasing number of digits in the top left and bottom right. For the sake of the visually impaired people, there are four angular bleed lines, with the picture of Mahatma Gandhi, the Ashoka Pillar symbol, the boiling tri-identification mark Micro-Text 100, in the interior or embossed printing.

On the left side of the note, you will be able to see the print year, the clean India logo along with the slogan, the language panel, the image of the Queen and the number of points in Devanagari will also be seen to you.

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