Oman: A Gulf Firm has Fired a Man From Kerala After Insensitive Comments on a Social Media


Recently Rahul Cheru Palyattu working in a company in Oman has been fired. This strict action is taken because he has posted derogatory comments on social media about flood victims of Kerala. After such derogatory comments, the company has sacked Rahul. Currently, the owner of the company donated 17.5 billion rupees to Kerala for flood victims. However, later Rahul has apologized for his insulting comments about flood victims of Kerala.

Basically, Rahul is a resident of Kerala. He was working at the UAE Company named Lulu Group of International as a cashier. Not only Rahul, even the company’s owner also originally belongs to Kerala.

A dismissal letter is sent by HR Manager Nasr Mubarak Salem Al Mawli in which the company said that “Your services are terminated instantly due to your sensitive comments which you have made on social media about the flood victims of Kerala. So, you are ordered that assign all your responsibilities to your reporting manager and after that contact the accounts department for your final settlement.

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After that, Rahul replied on Sunday that “I apologize for what I said because I have made a huge mistake. He also said that when I commented, I did not have any idea about this.

On the other side, Lulu Group Chief Communications Officer V. Nandkumar Said that we immediately decided to eliminate Rahul from his job so that a good message could be sent to our society. Owner of Lulu Group “MA Yusuf Ali” is himself from Kerala. They have donated 9.23 million UAH dirham (17.1 billion in Indian rupees) for the flood victims.

Now if we talk about Kerala then this time Kerala is facing the worst flood of 94 years. As per the record, till now due to heavy rain, landslides and floods killed nearly 200 people for 12 days. On Saturday, the Chief Minister of Kerala said that the state has suffered a loss of Rs 19 thousand 512 Crore due to flood.

There are many people who introduced the example of humanity by helping flood victims of Kerala. Not only by money, but few of them left their job for engaging in the rescue work. Many people donated their month’s salary in the relief fund. Apart from this, Air India pilots also helping to fly without a paycheck plane for flood victims.

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