NKorea wants to make the largest nuclear power dictator; UN spoke – they do not want war

NKorea wants to make the largest nuclear power dictator

Dictator Kim Jong, he has said that he wants to make North Korea the world’s largest nuclear power country. Launching the Weapons and Missile programs, it has given the world its signals. While quoting North Koreans, the UN Ambassador told that North Korea does not want war, but so far they have not got any concrete proposal to negotiate. Let North Korea test the intercontinental missile that brings the entire United States to the junk.

We are the strongest in the world

According to KCNA, on Tuesday, they told their people in a Sreemani: “Our country is ready to face any threat now, we have become quite educated, we are the strongest nuclear and military Power will prove.”

– On the other hand, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that we are confident that North Korea will be able to put pressure on the nuclear program to stop it. I have told many times to people that we will continue our diplomatic efforts before the first bomb is dropped.

– “But I want to say to the American military that if they have any chance, then be prepared for it.”

North Korea does not offer talks

– UN Political Affairs Chief Jeffrey Feltman had recently visited North Korea tour. He also spoke to other ministries including North Korean Foreign Minister Rei Yong Ho. This is the first North Korea tour of a senior UN official since 2011.

According to Feltman, “North Koreans believe that the war has to be stopped and can see my visit as a new beginning.” He also listened to my words seriously and said that North Korea is now No concrete proposal was found for the conversation.”

– “I think it should be ready to negotiate with North Korea, in which the UN can also help, the way this process will open.”