Mahant Shiv Kumar Swami of Siddaganga Muttah died at the age of 111

Kumar Swami

Today there is a dump in Karnataka because famous religious teacher Mahant Shiv Kumar Swami has died at the age of 111. He was the famous religious teacher of Lingayat community and Siddaganga Mutt. Due to illness, he was kept on the ventilator. In his death, there is a wave of mourning in Karnataka. Three days of state mourning has been announced in the state of Karnataka. Expressing deep sorrow over his demise, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said that Swami Ji died at 11.44 minutes. His funeral will be done Today on Tuesday, after around four and a half hours.

Kumar Swami said that Mahant Shivkumar was the living God. So, what they did for the country cannot tell in words. The country suffered heavy losses due to them. On his death, a three-day state mourning announced in the state. Please tell that Mahant Shivkumar had a lot of influence in Karnataka politics. Apart from Kumaraswamy, several leaders including BJP leader BS Yedurappa and Sadanand Gowda reached Mutt.

Kumar Swami of Siddaganga passed away on Monday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled the death of Shiv Kumar Swami Ji. PM said that he always lived for the people, especially for the poor peoples. Shivkumar Swamiji, a 111-year-old Sittaganga monastery located in Tumkur, died on Monday.

Apart from it, the famous Swamiji is known as the Walking God. He was a long time ill. PM Modi tweeted that the very revered Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivakumar went for Swamilal people, especially the poor and the weak. They dedicated themselves to the eradication of problems like poverty, hunger, and social injustice.

Prime Minister said that Kumar Swami Ji was ahead in efforts to ensure better health and education facilities for a disadvantage sections. Swami Ji was a representative of the Indian tradition of conscientious service, spirituality and protection of the rights of disadvantaged people.

In addition, Modi said, “I have the privilege of going to Shri Siddaganga Mutt and receiving the blessings of the most revered Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivkumar Swaminal.” Also, the Prime Minister said that the comprehensive initiative of community service is fantastic and is unimaginably on a very large scale.

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