Jammu & Kashmir: 3 Cops Kidnapped and Killed by Terrorists

3 Cops

Terrorists are becoming cynical in Jammu and Kashmir day by day. This can be seen in the current incident that terrorists are openly threatening to kill policemen. Not only this, they are killing police cops. They have already killed 3 cops. Now the fear of this is also seen on the policemen in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Friday morning as soon as the news came that the terrorists had killed 3 policemen. Shortly after, another policeman resigned from his job. After his quitting, a series has started.

He has put this video on the internet. It is clear that terrorists are roaming in the valley. That is why all the policemen have to take such a step of quitting their job.

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Immediately after this first resignation, the line took shape. Shopian, Kulgam, South Kashmir, SPO of Kapor district has submitted their resignation. These resignations have come within a few hours of the killing of 3 cops.

How 3 Cops Kidnapped and Killed on Friday

On Friday, the terrorists kidnapped four local policemen from their house and killed three of them. The terrorists even left a policeman. The 3 policemen who have killed were two SPOs and one constable. While another one Fayaz Ahmed Bhatt was released by the terrorists.

Hizbul militants Riyaz Naiku had threatened local policemen by releasing an audio four days earlier. In the audio clip, Naiku said that the Government of India is making SPO people under a conspiracy. There are vacancies in many departments still recruitment is processing only in the police force.

Naiku told all the SPO that they did not inform the police about the militants and leave the police service immediately otherwise, the results would be very bad. To get more latest news updates, follow us newshubupdate.com on Facebook and Twitter.