China moves again, given signs of deploying troops near Dokalam in winter

China Troops Dokalam Border

During the winter, the Chinese army indicated to Thursday (November 30th) to hold the presence of its troops in a fair number near the Dokalam Standoff Area. He claimed that the area is in the Chinese territory. India and China resolved the deadlock lasting for 73 days on August 28 when the People’s Liberation Army stopped the construction of a strategic road near India’s narrow chicken net. This area connects to the Northeast states. Bhutan also calls the Dokalam region as its share.

India had opposed the construction of roads by the PLA. He said that it puts the security of narrow corridor in danger. According to official details, both China and India used to remove soldiers from the front areas during the winter season in the past. Colonel Wu Chian, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Defense said, “Dongland (Dokalam) is a Chinese land area.”

He said this when he was asked about the reports that the PLA had deployed a large number of soldiers in the area of Daulat Khalistan. This is being done while eliminating the previous pattern when soldiers were removed during the winter. He said, “On the basis of this principle, we will decide on the deployment of soldiers by ourselves.” After the constant presence of Chinese troops near Yatung near Dokalm, India also reportedly deployed its troops there.