California’s 65,000 acres of fire, 1.5 million people removed

California Fire

In the forests of South California, there has been a huge fire in the 65,000 acres of area for two days. Because of this, emergency has been installed in the state. 1.5 lakh people were removed. A thousand firefighter are trying to extinguish this fire. Thousands of homes have been damaged by fire. 160 buildings have been completely burned. There is no light in 45 thousand houses. This fire has started in 5 areas. Curfew has been imposed in Ventura to prevent looting, as people have left the house.

Smoke is visible up to 800 KM

– The smoke of this fire is visible up to 800 kms.

– Because of the lack of moisture in the weather and winds of 55 km speed, the fire is spreading rapidly.

– People are going to safer places. The biggest fire is in Thomas. It is in 50 thousand acres.

– 5 thousand in ray, 11 thousand acres in the creek and fire in Teresi too.

The third time this year a fire broke out.

– California’s 10 major incidents of fire occurred only in September-December.

– The third time this year the fire has started. In October, 22 had died. One million acres of forest is burnt by fire.

– Low pressure and hot air are being told the reason for the fire.