26/11 Mumbai Attacks: US announces a reward of $ 5 million on the offenders

Mumbai Attacks

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Mumbai Attacks, the United States declared a major announcement. Today 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack 2008 completed 10 years. The US said that after giving information about the perpetrators of the assault, a reward of 35 crores has been announced. US Secretary of State Mike Pompey said on Monday that we express condolences on this attack. The US is going to express their condolences in India on behalf of all US citizens.

America is paying their condolences to all victims, including 6 American citizens who have lost their lives in this barbaric attack. Let me tell you that Mumbai attacks of 26/11 were so dangerous that even today people get scared on think about it. This attack gave horror to the whole world.

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26/11 Mumbai Attacks  2008: 10 years on Survivors 

As per the report, Mike Pompey also gave Pakistan permission on this occasion. He said that the Government of Pakistan should take a strong step on terrorist organizations such as Lashkar-e-Taiba. Referring to the United Nations Security Council, the US said that Pakistan should give strict punishment to all those people who have committed in this attack. Pompeo said that not catching the culprits of the attack is an insult to those who have lost their loved ones. Hence, he has announced a reward of $5 million on the offenders of 26/11 attack.

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It is noteworthy that 10 years ago on December 26, 2008, 10 Let terrorists attacked the country’s financial capital Mumbai. In this Mumbai attack, about 166 people lost their lives. In the attack, 28 foreign nationals including 6 Americans lost their lives. Even the Mumbai terror attack struck the whole world for 60 hours.

Now recently, US Secretary of state Michael R. Pompeo has announced that Washington will give reward up to $5 million USD for information leading to arrest any individual involved in 2008. This statement has now become a big statement of US which is getting viral on social media.

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