World’s Tallest Policeman – Khali is also Small in the Height

World's Tallest Policeman

So far you will have seen people will run away after watching the World’s Tallest Policeman. But Jagdeep Singh of Punjab Police has something else to say. They do not run away from watching but they tend to take selfies. Actually, some pictures of Jagdeep Singh are becoming viral on social media these days. We want to tell you that Jagdeep is the world’s longest police employee. Jagdeep is from Amritsar. Their length is 7 feet six inches.

Apart from the World’s Tallest Policeman, he is also famous in the film industry. He has worked in the film Rang De Basanti, ‘Hera Feri’, ‘Three Thousand Brother’ and ‘Welcome New York’. Jagdeep Singh says that he got a different identity due to his length. He also says that I have many advantages and disadvantages due to my long height. For example, the readymade clothes and shoes of my size are not available in the market. I have to get clothes and shoes from abroad.

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Punjab is the World’s Tallest Policeman

Jagdeep’s length along with his boots number is also different from others. They seem to have a number 19 shoe which they have to be ordered from abroad. At the same time, he contains a weight of 190 kg itself.

On the other side, it is known that Rajesh was also famous as the longest police worker in Haryana. He is seven feet long and four inches tall. But after joining Punjab Police, this record came to Jagdeep’s name. Their length is 7 feet six inches.

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Everyone is shocked to see Rajesh because he is the world’s tallest policeman. Everyone has to raise his head to talk to him. We are talking about 7 feet 4-inch world’s longest policewoman working in the Gurgaon Traffic Police. Though his dream is not to be a policeman, he wants to go far beyond this. You must be surprised to know that 39-year-old Rajesh Kumar wears shoes at number 14. This number is so huge and he has to be seated with a private tailor till his uniform.

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