WhatsApp Dark Mode: New Interface is coming soon for Android and IOS

Whatsapp Dark Mode

Over the past few months, there are coming reports of giving WhatsApp dark mode feature in Whatsapp. But so far nothing is clear what the dark mode would look like.

As you all know, Dark Mode is actually a kind of color layout that is prepared for the ease of the users. Generally, the use of the app on this mode in the dark does not make an eye on the eyes. This feature has already been given in twitter and other apps.

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The Concept image of Dark Mode has been shared on the credible website for news related to Whatsapp. It is being told that the dark mode of Whatsapp will look something like this. Whatsapp icon like you can see in this tweet, “it is white and background card is gray”. If you have used Windows Smartphone, then this kind of user interface is given. Although, the windows smartphone have become a story now.

Whatsapp Dark Mode: What it is and What exciting news for chat fans

Dark mode is becoming quite popular and Apple has kept a dark theme for MacOS Mojave, which is similar to the Dark Mode. Not only this, Samsung is also bringing a custom skin ONE UI in which it will be dark mode. According to a report from Beta Info, Whatsapp is working on Dark Mode. Right now, it is like a Dream.

There is also a dark mode on behalf of YouTube that users like quite a lot. However, no information has provided about the Whatsapp Dark Mode, nor is it currently in beta update. That’s why it is not clear when it will get users. Because the company usually releases any feature in beta version for testing.  After that, it is given to people in a stable build.

Apart from Whatsapp Dark Mode, if we talk about the other latest reports related to Whatsapp, the company has issued the Whatsapp Message Forward Limit Feature for users worldwide. Earlier, the first 20 people could be forwarded, but now it has been limited to just 5 people.

Recently, Whatsapp has also been discussing child pornography. The company has also said that it will take tough action. The company’s statement also came out the company pursues strict policy on this matter.

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