Volkswagen Scandal: NGT ordered to deposit 100 million by tomorrow evening


There is a massive blow on Volkswagen’s reputation. Volkswagen Scandal began in September 2015. NGT (National Green Tribunal) told the carmaker Volkswagen that he would deposit 100 million rupees by 5 o’clock in the next day evening. Otherwise, strict action will be taken to arrest his country head. NGT will also seize the assets of the company in India if the company fails to deposit 100 million.

Let us tell you that the four-member National Panel of National Green Tribunal recommended the penalty of Rs 171.34 crores.  Using the wrong software at the German car maker Volkswagen, there is an increase in air pollution in Delhi.

In its report, the committee said that with the Volkswagen cars, about 48.678 tons of nitrogen oxides added to the air in Delhi in 2016.

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On another side, the company acknowledged that it had used the wrong device in 11 million diesel vehicles. But these vehicles were sold in the US, Europe with many global markets.

Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen had a total of 3,23,700 vehicles in 2015. As per Volkswagen Scandal, these vehicles were emitting about 1.1 to 2.6 times as compared to India’s Emission Standard BS-IV. This information came out of ARAI’s Test on some models.

Hence, the estimated amount of damage to the health of nitrogen oxide dissolves in the air from vehicles of the Volkswagen Group is Rs 171.34 crores. This price considered conservative as there is no such technology in India which is used to measure the loss due to nitrogen oxides.

The committee said in its report that it only talked about the city of Delhi in which it has already considered. This is the reason for the Volkswagen cars loss of about 48.678 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx) to the climate of Delhi.

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