Virat Kohli 10, 000 Runs in ODI: India Captain becomes fastest batsman

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has completed the fastest 10,000 runs in ODI by eclipsing Sachin Tendulkar. Indian team captain Kohli has just beaten the score of Sachin Tendulkar by breaking his record. But on this matter, Virat said that there is nothing for which he should be taken for granted. As per the opinion of Virat, there are many people who want to play for India. He also said in an Interview that it is a great honour for me that I am representing my country.

Due to this incomparable display of Team India’s leadership, fans and players from around the world are congratulating the message. By reading this you will definitely feel awkward. But at the same time knowing the reality behind this statement will not help you smile. Indeed, the captain of the Indian cricket team constantly breaks the record.

Virat Kohli: Keep the runs flowing

Let tell you that Kohli has made this possible after playing 10 years and this feeling Granted, in the coming years. There is hardly any record in the world of cricket, on which Virat’s name is not written.

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Due to this incomparable performance of Team India leader, fans and players from around the world are congratulating the message to Virat. Many have performed spectacular creativity in writing messages. A similar greeting message is a former Australian cricketer and Tom Moody. The coach of the Sri Lankan team has written that Virat is said to be standing alone on the peak.  According to Moody, the world’s No cricketer is around Virat nor will it ever happen.

Suresh Raina showed his creativity by writing poetry while congratulating Virat Kohli. This is for completing 10,000 runs in one-day international cricket at the fastest pace. Suresh wrote on Twitter, “Century on the Century every time runs 10,000”.

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