Virat discusses marriage: Anushka leaves for Italy, Pandit with family at Mumbai airport

Virat - Anushka Marriage Discuss

There is a discussion that Actress Anushka Sharma is going to marry Virat Kohli in Italy next week with cricketer Virat Kohli. On Thursday night, Anushka was seen traveling with the family from the Mumbai airport. However, he did not answer any questions of the media. He was accompanied by father Ajay Kumar Sharma, mother Ashima and brother Karnesh Sharma. However, all were seen separately. Together they were also pundits of his family. According to media reports, both can marry between 9 and 12 December. All rituals will be in Italy.

Anushka Sharma was seen with her family on Thursday night at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. News Agency ANI has released its video too. All members of the family were seen carrying large suitcases.

Pandit Anant Baba of the family accompanied

– Anupam Dham of Spirit of Anusha, Anshanta Baba of Haridwar with Anushka’s family at the airport was also seen.

– According to media reports, these are the same pundits who were present in Ankka-Virat’s Uttarakhand meeting or Roka Sreemani last year. Sharma family Maharaj believes Anant Baba very much.

– Tell us that Anushka-Virat has been dating each other for a long time. Recently they were seen singing in the marriage of Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge.

Will be reception on December 21

– According to media reports, the marriage of both of them in Milan city of Italy. Their family has also booked wedding venues. This marriage will be completely private seminar, which will include family members and close friends.

– According to information given by Kapil’s Close Friends, the reception of both the wedding receptions can be held on December 21 in Mumbai.

– Let’s say that both are dating each other since 2013. His first meeting was during an advertisement shoot.