US can take tough decisions in 48 hours against Pak, says-Pakistan double game played

US can take tough decisions in 48 hours against Pak, says-Pakistan double game played

In the UN, US Ambassador Nicky Haley has confirmed Pakistan’s arrest of US military aid of Rs 1,626 crore. A few hours later, in a statement released by the White House, “In the next 24 to 48 hours, we will give you some more major updates in this matter.” It means that America can take even more stringent measures against Pakistan. Explain that Donald Trump had said on January 1 that Pakistan is fooling it with $ 33 billion (about 2.14 lakh crore according to Indian currency) in 15 years from the US. Nikki Haley said on Wednesday that Pakistan had been playing double games with us for many years.

Pakistan can do a lot against terrorism

– Nicky Haley also said that there is a clear reason to stop American help. Pakistan has played double games with us for many years. They worked with us sometimes, but they also sheltered the terrorists targeting the soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan.

– Following the statement given by Nikki Haley in the UN, White House spokesperson Sarah Senders talked to the media. Sarah said: – We know that Pakistan can do a lot against terrorism. We want him to come out and show it.

“The first thing, as far as Pakistan is concerned, we want him to take more steps to stop terrorism, we want him to do this work. (Media) will update about this in the next 24 to 48 hours, in this case you will tell all.”

If you want money, take action

– The US State Department spokesperson Heather Neurate said, “Pakistan has been our key partner. Pakistan knows about our issues in that area. He also knows what needs to be done. President Trump has told about South Asia policy in August. Pakistan has to take reciprocating action on terrorist organizations spreading terrorism from its land.

Heather said further – We have been funding them even before. Now, to get further help, they have to prove that they are taking corrective action against terrorism. Secretary Tillerson and Secretary Matisse have explained these things to them in Pakistan.

What was the trump said?

– On Monday, on the very first day of the year 2018, Trump gave tough warning to Pakistan. In a tweet, he said, “Like the idiots, Pakistan helped more than 33 billion dollars (about 2.14 lakh crore rupees) in 15 years and they only lied and betrayed us, they thought our leaders to be stupid. They sheltered the terrorists whom we were looking for in Afghanistan, this is no more.”

What did Pakistan say?

– The Pakistan government said: “The failure of Afghanistan in our country is not right”. Pakistan has provided unequal sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. There is no doubt about it.

– PAK Army spokesperson Asif Gafoor said, “The help Pakistan gets from the US is the compensation for the help that Islamabad gives in the war against al-Qaeda.”

How much help PAK got from the US in the last 15 years?

– Let us state that America has provided financial assistance of Pakistan $ 33 billion (about 2.14 lakh crore) to fight terrorism till now.

– In August, the US had said that unless Pakistan intensified its action on terrorist groups, it would stop her $ 255 million financial aid.