URI: The Surgical Strike: Movie Review, Records in 11 Days


Vicky Kaushal URI breaks these 5 records on box office based on Surgical Strike. Uruguay: The Surgical Strike is still firmly in cinemas for the second week. Film is directed by Aditya Dhar which has made 5 records in just 11 days.

Vicky Skill starrer URI: The Surgical Strike is the first hit movie released in the box office in 2019. The second week of the film release, based on the surgical strike also remains firmly in cinemas. The movie has earned 108.90 on Sunday. In the new year, Movie gave a fantastic start to the box office. The film’s collection is one of the biggest surprises of 2019. Trade experts also did not expect such a movie business. The collection of the 11th day has not come. But this film directed by Aditya Dhar has made 5 records within 10 days.

URI become the first hit of the year 2019

Several films were released at the box office in January 2019. But no one could compete with URI film. On December 11, Uday was released with Anupam Kher’s The Accidental Prime Minister. But in the case of earning, Vicky Kaushal’s movie got beaten. After this, 4 new films also releases on 4th January 2019. But movie did not suffer any harm. Rather the movie’s earnings increased in the second weekend with the first weekend. Obviously, the patriotism content is very much like the audience.

URI’s budget is being declared as 42 crores. The movie got entry in 100 Crore club within 10 days. At the beginning of the year, it is helpful to perform such a movie based on a low budget.

URI’s box office collections are shocking. The film’s earnings saw more growth in the second week than the first week and that too when four new films were released at the box office in the second week.