Upgrade of power plants will be 20% more expensive across the country, burden on Consumers

electricity expensive

Electricity in the country can be 62 to 93 paise per kilowatt-20% expensive. Power Minister RK Singh, in response to a question in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, said that the rate of power can be increased from the first year during the upgradation of coal-based power plants. Let us know that about three quarters of the electricity in the country is made of these plants. At present, the average rate of electricity is around 5 rupees per kilowatt.

Government pressures on smuggling in big cities including Delhi

For the last few years, there has been a problem of smuggling in big cities including the capital Delhi. The government and the electricity generating companies are under pressure to upgrade coal-based power plants to tackle the challenge created for the health of the people due to the rise in smuggling. So that the pollution is reduced to them.

– As an estimate, the government can increase the rate of electricity by up to 20% at all times to compensate for the funds being spent in it.

Thermal Plant Responsible for 80% Harmful Particles

– Power Minister said in a written reply that the Central Electrical Authority (CEA) has made such a plan. The introduction of new environmental norms in different phases will not reduce the productivity of power plants.

– In the emission of particles, sulfur and nitrous oxides which harm the lungs, the thermal power companies share about 80% compared to the rest of the industries.

Three quarters of electricity is being made from coal-based plants

About three-fourths of the electricity in the country is made of coal-based power plants. The average rate of electricity is about Rs 5 per kilowatt. The issue of electricity rates in the country has been politically sensitive.

According to a Reuters report by November, the Modi government is contemplating putting the burden of the cost of applying the equipment to reduce the emission of power companies to consumers.

Emission Reduction Target By 2022

At the same time, the Central Electrical Authority (CEA) chairman Ravindra Kumar Verma had said in a report last month that now its target is to implement emission cutting norms in all the coal-based power plants in the country till 2022. For this, the central government is considering lending to power companies.