Trump Threatened India, Buy Oil From Iran Before 4 November

Donald Trump

India is consistently buying crude oil despite US sanctions from Iran. But it seems that India’s compromise on buying S -400 defense missile system with Russia is going through an ugly American. The US has banned India to buy crude oil. US President Donald Trump threat to the whole world that if country buys crude oil from Iran since November 4 then they are ready to take harshest measures actions against it.

Donald Trump has warned of the crude oil imported from Iran. America will see the countries that do not zero net imports of crude oil from Iran until November 4. On the other side, Trump also said about India continuing oil imports from Iran to countries like China, ” we see them. ”

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Trump planted was stripped of the Iran nuclear deal in the US in May 2015. After that, Trump started restrictions on it again. Trump told to zero by reducing its imports from the countries importing oil from Iran on November 4th. He has also warned of a ban on countries that do not do so.

Donald Trump warned India

Earlier, US President said that will soon be clear about punitive action occurs or not it under American law against India buying S -400 air defense system deal five billion dollars from Russia.

America has for a ban against their opponents’ countering America Adwarsrij through Sankshns Act (Katsa) law. Under this authority to exempt India from US sanctions on an arms deal with Russia have only the President.

Katsa is a federal law of the United States. Under this has imposed sanctions on Iran, South Korea, and Russia. India and Trump Asked about the deal between Russia said on Wednesday “will come to know the country.” He said that India is soon detected. When asked Trump how does you know, he said, “before you see, you’re much thinking.” For more updates follow on Facebook and Twitter.