Triple Talaq Bill LIVE Updates: Revised Bill faces crucial Rajya Sabha Test Today

Triple Talaq Bill

The Triple Talaq Bill passed in the Lok Sabha after three days. Today discussion over triple talaq will begin at 2 o’clock in the Rajya Sabha. Triple talaq will soon become a punishable offence by the revised bill. The revised bill will be presented for debate in the Rajya Sabha today.

The revised bill is mainly responsible for making instant triple talaq. Muslim men have the practice of divorcing them by saying “Talaq” three times. Along with this, there is a jail sentence for three years and a fine for a husband.

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TMC’S Derek O’Brien advised that the Bill will refer to a joint select committee of Rajya Sabha. On the other hand, Congress said that we wouldn’t give permit the bill to be passed in its current form.

Lok Sabha Passes Triple Talaq Bill

After passing the three divorce bills in the Lok Sabha, it is now the challenge of getting the central government to pass it in the Rajya Sabha. On Monday, the triple divorce bill is introducing in the Rajya Sabha. But before that the opposition has taken a big step.

Under the shared opposition strategy, the letter is written to the Speaker before sending the bill to the Select Committee before appearing in the Rajya Sabha. This letter is being told about the sign of leaders of about 12 parties. According to sources, BJP also held a meeting. In this meeting, PM Narendra Modi has also joined.

Opposition parties demand that this Triple Talaq Bill should be sent to the Select Committee before being introduced in the House. Let us state that the Modi Government is not in the majority in the Upper House. So, its troubles are bound to increase. It is expected that Samhopar can get a glimpse of it in the House.

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