Train’s location will be tracked by the biggest plan of railways, like a cab

Train Location Tracking

New Delhi: When you used to go out first, there is no way to know about how long the train station will arrive or where it has reached. But now many apps and websites are offering such a facility through which you can easily locate the train location. Now it is going to be easier for you to track the location of the train. Under the new facility of Indian Railway, you will get accurate information about train location.

Railways are preparing to introduce a system connected to the Global Positioning System (GPS) in trains to facilitate the passengers. Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has ordered all 16 railway zones of the country to implement this system. This system of railway is called Real Time Punctuality Monitoring and Analysis (RPMA). This system will also help train arrive at the appointed time.

Expected to start on Delhi-Mumbai route

According to media reports, this facility is expected to be launched on Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai routes by the end of February next year. After this, gradually this facility will be implemented in other cities of the country. According to the railway, there is a possibility of updating the train’s location in the system for the time being.

How to work RPMA

The new system connected with RPMA constantly monitors the movement of the train on the map and speed chart via GPS, in which information about station location is already given. With the help of speed chart, railway officials also have the facility to know if the train is running at its maximum speed or is running late. It is a separate technology from NTES. This technique has been tested in the Mughalsarai division in October. According to the railway, the experiment was successful.