TRAI New DTH Rules: DTH Plan will change from 1st February


Soon, the experience of using DTH is going to change. The new rule of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will come into effect from 1st February. Broadcasters were asked to apply this new rule on December 29. But it was postponed at that time.

TRAI has ordered all DTH and cable operators in India to follow the new rule. Under the new rule & regulation, customers will pay only for those channels which they will have to see. It was not until before that. After the new rules, the methods of TV subscription will also change.

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Now you have to pay for Free-to-Air channels. But apart from that, you will not have to pay for all the other channels. Earlier, operators used to package such packages, which had hundreds of channels and all of them were used for money. But from the beginning of February, you will only have to pay for the channels you would like to see. Although operators will still sell packages of packages, they will be customized accordingly.

That is, if you give 130 rupees (service tax separately) then you will be given 100 channels. These 100 channels may be free or paid channels. It completely depends on the customer to choose which one of these 100 channels will be free or who will keep the pad.

Know what will be the impact on you after 1 February

According to TRAI, customers will have the freedom to choose 100 standard definition channels. It can customize it in its own way. If you want to keep a free channel or pad channel. You will have to pay differently for paid channels. On another side, you have to pay a fixed amount for free channels. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has said that the maximum price of this pack will be Rs. 130. Service tax will also be added separately.

No new channels will be imposed on the customers after the new TRAI rules. On the TV screen, the cost of subscription for each channel will be seen. You can subscribe it by calling Customer Care or visiting the Broadcasters website.

For those users who want more than 100 channels, the option is to give them Rs 20 extra for 25 channel capacities. That means if you need 125 channel capacities then you will have to pay 130-20/- rupees. Then you will keep the free channels in your favor or keep a paid channel.

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