Today HP, India, Indane LPG Cylinder Price is Expensive from 1st November

LPG Cylinder Price
A worker loads domestic LPG cylinder on a truck in Jammu *** Local Caption *** A worker loads domestic LPG cylinder on a truck in Jammu on Thursday.. The Prime Minister-appointed Kirit Parikh committee on February 03 recommended complete decontrol of the petrol and diesel prices and favoured a hike of Rs. 100 a domestic LPG cylinder. Express PHOTO BY AMARJEET SINGH.

Prices of LPG cylinders increased before Diwali but again decreases petrol prices

Let us tell you that the LPG Cylinder Price of subsidized cooking gas LPG has been hiked by Rs. 2.94 per cylinder. These new rates of LPG Gas cylinder have been activated from midnight tonight. For this year, this is the sixth straight monthly increase in LPG Cooking Gas Cylinder rates since June. As per the report, LPG gas prices are hiked due to the tax impact on the change in base price.

Just before the festival of Diwali, the common man’s pocket was hit again with inflation. Subsidized LPG cylinders rose by Rs 2.94 per cylinder on Wednesday. The change in the base price of the cylinder and the effect of the tax on it has increased the price.

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Indian Oil Corp (IOC) said in the statement that the 14.2 kg subsidized LPG cylinders rose from Rs 502.40 to Rs 505.34 per cylinder since Wednesday midnight. The government provides subsidy on 12 cylinders per household in a year. The Government crediting the consumer’s subsidy amount directly in their bank accounts.

Hike in Non-Subsidized Cylinders – LPG Cylinder Price Rises Again

Non-subsidized LPG Cylinder Price also increased by Rs 60 to Rs 880 per cylinder. In addition, the subsidy transferred to the customers’ accounts increased to Rs 433.66 per cylinder in November 2018, which was at Rs 376.60 per cylinder in October.

LPG consumers have to buy LPG cylinders at market value. However, the government directly imposes subsidy on the customers’ bank account at 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg in a year.

On the other side, in the petrol and diesel received from the last 14 days, relief was also received on Thursday. Petrol was decreased by 18 paise a liter in Delhi, after which it now costs Rs 79.37 per liter. The price of diesel is 73.78 per liter. There has been no reduction in diesel prices on Thursday.

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