The Nun: Movie Reviews & Box Office Collection Day 4

The Nun

The Nun: Earned 943 crores, more than 6 times the earning cost 154 crores

The Hollywood movie “The Nun” is playing amazing at the worldwide box office. This movie box office collection is superb. This movie which scared the audience has broken records of many old horror films. Let us tell you the Movie Review in short.

The Nun Overall Box Office Collection: The Hollywood horror movie “The Nun” is earning a panoply box office worldwide. ‘The Nun’ which is the 5th film of the conjuring franchise has succeeded to fear the audiences. No doubt, horror genre lovers like the story of the film very much. The movie has made several records in this weekend by earning 6 times to its total cost.

According to the report, the movie has made on a budget of 158.4 Crore. Now in the first weekend on the 4th day after release, the movie has made Worldwide Rs 943.2 million. There were 385.2 million collections in the opening weekend.

Obviously, this film is also fluttering in the Indian market. Based on the trend of box office it is clear that this week the audience preferred despite the release of another three new Hindi films.

The conjunction series “The Nun” is the best opener in India

In the Indian market, the film had earned Rs. 8 Crore on its opening day itself. On the other side, 3 Bollywood movies, Paltan, Laila Majnu and Gali Gully, released with The Nun, have missed a lot behind. Now we can say that The Nun has proved to be the biggest and best opener of the ‘conjuring series’ in India.

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The Nun has made a net of 28.50 million net in the opening weekend in the Indian market. Although, the collection of the movie was not as high as on Sunday as expected. The movie had earned 30 lakhs from the preview shows which was held on Thursday.

This movie has made 8 Crore on Friday, 10.20 million (Earning Rs. 10 Crore) on Saturday. The Nun has been released total on 1603 screens all over India. As per the latest report, the film’s earnings are Rs. 3 Crore on Monday. In this way, the Nun has more than 30 million in India within four days.

The movie is full of horror. There is a war between Satan and the church where Nun has not raised the responsibility of fighting the devil against the Church, but the priest. There are many scary movies in the movie but this movie is a treat for those who love horror content.

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