Terrorist Zakir Musa entered in Rajasthan, high alert in Punjab-Delhi

Terrorist Zakir Musa

Al Qaeda commander and militant Terrorist Zakir Musa are entered in Rajasthan with their partners. So, it is believed that he could carry out terrorist activities in Rajasthan State. This time he knows that all big leaders are now busy in the state assembly elections.

The dreaded terrorist Zakir Musa and Al Qaeda commander has entered into Rajasthan with their colleagues. No doubt that he could do a terrorist attack in the state.

According to information, high alert issued in Punjab where Zakir Musa spotted. After seeing strong security in Punjab, Zakir Musa has run Rajasthan. Now he is in the midst of a major terror attack in Rajasthan.

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This is true that between strict securities on the border, it is very easy to enter in Rajasthan as compare from Firozpur to Delhi. This is because the border of Indo-Pakistan stretches 553 km in Punjab whereas the border of Rajasthan is 1090 kilometers long.

As per the BSF sources, the officials have issued a high alert about the terrorist Musa on many borders. In this regard, the picture of the stolen car along with car number has also been sent.

Terrorist Zakir Musa spotted in Punjab, high alert issued

Before this, an active terror activist in Jammu and Kashmir, Terrorist Zakir Musa spotted in Amritsar along with his colleagues. On Thursday, Punjab Police’s Intelligence Agency had informed that 6 to 7 terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed are plotting to move from the state to Delhi. After that, the state police became alert.

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According to a letter issued by the Inspector General of Police (Counter Intelligence) office of Punjab, the group of Jaish terrorists is in Punjab. The terrorist is making conspiracy on behalf of Delhi. After which an alert issued in the whole Punjab and the security in the border area also increased.

Undoubtedly, after the security extended to Delhi, Terrorist Zakir Musa accompanied his teammates from Firozpur to Rajasthan. Now he can carry out the terrorist act in Rajasthan with his colleagues. However, the Punjab Police has termed the relationship between Car and Musa as a rumor.

Police say that both Pathankot and Amritsar are separate cities. Both incidents are a different and common crime. So, both cannot be mixed with terrorism. But Punjab between these incidents already kept on high alert.

By taking the lessons from the attack on the Pathankot Air Force Station in the year 2016, the security of all the base camps of the Army and the air force station has been increased. Punjab Police is suspecting the same type of Modus Operandi in this entire case. As same done by the terrorists during the attack at Pathankot Air Force Station.