Supreme Court Clears Way for SC/ST Govt. Job Promotion Quota

Supreme Court

SC/ST Promotion Quota: New Delhi, Yesterday the Supreme Court today gave 3 major decisions. The first verdict is linked to the Aadhar Card. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has termed as constitutional with some changes. At the same time, by clearing the way for SC / ST reservation in promotions, the Supreme Judge has made some significant changes in the old decisions. In addition, the Court has allowed live streaming of court proceedings in cases of national importance. Hence, SC/ST employees will be promoted to Government Job.

On Wednesday, Supreme Court has declared that now there is no need to collect data. The Modi government has taken a major step in pandering the resentment of the Dalits and the tribal class by making a major decision to amend the SC/ST Law. Speaking about this amendment to bring the Bill in the current monsoon session, have tried to snatch the issue.

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Supreme Court: Reservations in Job Promotions Not Compulsory 

The Supreme Court said that reservation for the promotion of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes students doing government jobs will be given in the promotion. The decision left to the central and state governments. For this, the governments have to submit these figures according to the cadre. This is for identifying that whether or not this community has got enough representation in the job. So, the decision that came before important elections is a big relief for the BJP.

BJP is trying to bring the SC / ST class into its fold. Under the same strategy, the central government itself had told the Supreme Judge that they sent their old decision to the big bench for consideration which said that there will be no reservation for the promotion. This is the reason why the Attorney General had opposed the implementation of the rules of a creamy layer on the SC / ST category and fixing backwardness data. For more latest updates follow on Facebook and Twitter.