Sabarimala Case Live Updates: Kerala Closed on the Issue Today


After the permission of the Supreme Court to enter women in Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, the first of its cupboard opened on Wednesday. There was a lot of fury on Wednesday and thousands of women made unsuccessful attempts to enter the temple. However, the devotees of the temple stopped them, attacked there, and got a lot of violence. On this issue, many organizations have announced the closure of Kerala today.

Among all this, women had reached the temple stairs on Wednesday. Now on Thursday, the effort is going to go even further. On Thursday, the New York Times reporter, Susannah, was trying to reach the temple through the hills of Raj Pamba, but they were returned.

Sabarimala Temple Protests: No Women devotee yet at Temple gates

Even on Wednesday, he was trying to go to the temple, but the protesters stopped him. Now today, he was going to the temple along the highway between the high security. But he was asked to go back, he also agreed to himself. He said that he wants to make no trouble here.

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After the orders of the Supreme Court, for the first time on October 17, at 5 pm, when the kapat was open, the eyes of the whole country were fixed on the temple. Before that there was a lot of furies, protesters targeted women journalists. Aaj Tak was also attacked on the reporter during this time.

Women entered the Sabarimala temple on Wednesday only 50 years of age. Due to safety reasons, women between 10 to 50 years of age did not reach the temple.

The Supreme Court had terminated the old tradition of preventing women from entering the temple from 10 to 50 years, saying it was wrong and allowed women of all ages to enter. For all latest updates follow on Facebook and Twitter.