Read This Unique Story Where a Thug Gives Dog Instead of Goat

Dog instead of Goat
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As you all know that yesterday was Bakrid festival of Muslim Community of the year 2018. The special occasion of Bakrid is celebrated globally by the Muslim’s people. So, yesterday was the Bakrid holiday. Bakrid is also known by the name Eid-al-Adha.

On this day, there was a massive sale of goats in the markets. Along with this, a person found a new way to cheat the buying person. And the interesting thing is that this thug was not worth the money. That means a thug searched an excellent idea to cheat the person on this day. In the incident of this thug, a person was cheated like this for a goat.

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Kanpur: Well, you would have listened to lots of tales of thugs in the market. The news relevant to looting and cheating of someone is very common nowadays. But you will definitely be surprised here because we are going to tell you a very unique and latest incident of cheating.

Actually, the matter of cheating came out from Kanpur. There was a buzzing bug in all around. There was also a lot of sale of goats in markets on this festival of Muslims.

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Let’s read what the exact real matter was. The buyers’ quote was lying in Mandi located at Jaapmou Chungi, the topper in Kanpur. There a man has decorated his shop of goats. He took advantage of the darkness.

Based on the information, when Ashraf went to sell his goat in the market, another man threw him a black dog and took his goat and went away.

Ashraf came to know that he is a dog but not a goat when the dog started to bark. After that, he informed the police about this incident. When the police reached the incident spot then Ashraf told the police complete story of cheating.

He further told that on Monday late evening, he had come to sell some goats in the market. A young man came near to him and said that uncle your goat had left, which he had caught again. He told that he came to the bluff of that person because there was a cloth lying on the mouth of the dog and due to being dark he was unable to see.

As soon as Ashraf caught his rope, the other person opened one of his goats. The person took advantage of the crowd and escaped from there immediately. Inspector Ajay Seth told that the investigation will be soon done by our team. We will soon take an action against this incident. Apart from this, it is said that the value of the stolen goat is about six thousand.

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