Rajasthan Election Results 2019: BJP chief will be in Rajasthan on 10th February

Rajasthan Election Results 2019

Get complete Rajasthan Election Results 2019 Live Updates. The BJP’s central leadership has chosen Rajasthan to make a concoction of the Lok Sabha elections 2019. The campaign will start soon with the tour of Amit Shah on February 10.

In the Lok Sabha elections, BJP has started working on its strategy to complete 25 seats in the state. Under this, BJP’s central leadership has chosen Rajasthan to make congressional elections. In Rajasthan, BJP national president Amit Shah will inaugurate the Lok Sabha election 2019. Amit Shah is coming to Jaipur for this on 10 February. Stay connected with newshubupdate.com to know the Rajasthan Assembly Election Results 2019.

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Also, Amit Shah will be campaigning for the election campaign of Lok Sabha through Srigarnesh booth and Shakti Kendra. According to the proposed program of Shah, the party will join the campaign in Jaipur, in the campaign for the elections.

Rajasthan Election Results 2019 Live Updates:

In Jaipur, Amit Shah will address nearly 2000 booth centers. While addressing the executive committee and officials of the party’s power center connected to the Jaipur division. Amit Shah’s entire focus through these programs will be on the unification of the state leaders for the upcoming elections. Bidla Auditorium and Maharana Pratap Auditorium are being seen for Amit Shah’s program on February 10.

In addition, as per the latest update on Rajasthan Election Results 2019, Congress has occupied Ramgarh Vidhan Sabha seat in Rajasthan.

After the defeat in the Assembly elections, state high command Amit Shah and then Prime Minister Narendra Modi are coming to the state. They are coming due to make new energy communicating in the state leaders and workers. Behind it, the motive is that the Assembly can overcome the mischief of defeat.

In Rajasthan, BJP may have lost the Assembly elections. But in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s Kamal got all the 25 seats in the state. The party has taken the initiative for all these 25 seats.

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