Rajasthan: Earthquake of 6.8-Richter intensity will arrive at 2:30 in the afternoon!


In the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur will thunder with an earthquake on Monday afternoon. The earth will start moving in the noon. The dreaded people will come out of the homes and establishments to save the people with rescue. Workers of the Department of Disaster Management, Assistance and Citizens Protection with the soldiers of the army also involved in this rescue operation. The helicopters also helped to control the situation and to provide relief. Not only the prediction, but the sequence of earthquake in Jaipur will continue to be the programming program.

Actually, “Exercise Relief” related to rescue, relief and rehabilitation during the earthquake by the Disaster Management Department and Saptashakti Command will start on Monday at 2:30 pm. This programme held at the Bhawani Niketan College ground located at Sikar Road. In this exercise, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake scenario is full preparing in Jaipur.

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Earthquake Today in Jaipur

In this exercise, a glimpse of rescue work in the real disaster would be see with the help of Chetak-Dhruv and Cheetah like helicopter, fire fighting vehicle, hydraulic lift, artificial bridge, fog and fire. Over a total of 55 minutes of exercise, more than 18 organizations related to disaster management and response show their skills and co-ordination.

In the exhibition, the search of the injured, their therapies, the airlift, the restoration of communication services, positive journalism will be shown to various parties. It will become a thrilling experience for those who see it.

On 11th February, there is seminar and tabletok exercise in the auditorium of Saptashakti Command Area, Jaipur. This exercise will take place in Kota and Alwar on February 12. After this demonstration, an exhibition of equipment to be used for rescue, relief and rehabilitation during the disaster management will also be organized.

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