Pulwama: Defense Minister’s meeting today with the preparations for the big plan against Pakistan


There will be a big meeting in Delhi today in connection with the terror attack in Pulwama. The Defense Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman with the three forces- the Army, the Air Force and the Navy Chief invited in this meeting. This meeting will last for two days. So, it is believing that large scale action can be taken against Pakistan-backed terrorism in this meeting.

44 Defense Attacks station in different countries will also participate in the meeting today. After this meeting, the Defense Minister and the three chiefs will share the information of their preparations in the high-level meeting of the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister.

According to high-level government sources, with the Dossier being prepared against the Interior Ministry’s Pakistan this defense briefcase will be implemented. Therefore, all major countries of the world will implement here to mobilize lobbying against Pakistan.

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Hence, it is being considered as an important step towards separating Pakistan from the world community.  We are putting pressure to take an action against terrorists. India keeps its defense briefcase in 44 important countries of the world.

Most importantly, this briefcase takes a very important and sensitive task of maintaining a defense relationship with that country. So, this briefcase of the Brigadier and Colonel ranks selected from the site, water and air force.

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Hence, a military official said that in this meeting several issues including the current situation of Pakistan’s border will explore. Apart from this, the Government will take reactions from officials about security challenges.

As per the sources, in this meeting, apart from the situation of Indo-China border, geo-strategic issues related to India’s neighborhood also discusses. After Pulwama attack, there will also a widespread discussions on relations with America, Russia as well as other friendly or world’s important countries.

According to sources, important decisions will be taken on strategic tactics along with diplomatic tactics against Pakistan during meeting. After this, the information provided in the meeting of PM Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Moreover, the sources in the Home Ministry said that all the mechanisms are eliminating in the valley to make all-round pressure on Pakistan. It is the result of the strictly against the separatists and the people of the tribe.

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