PM Modi in Rewa: No one is allowed to live in their states causes of Congress

PM Modi

PM Modi said that there were many biggens in Bihar even in the Congress. But the defeat of the Congress, even in the Congress is in front of everyone. The Congress used to have a cyclical rule in Gujarat. But for 30 years the Congress did not let the Congress foot there. Now turn is from Madhya Pradesh. The people here know the work and exploits of the Congress.

On Tuesday, PM Modi said that it is not a party to bring any party to power but instead to change the fate of the people. The fate of the people has not changed the Congress governments in 55 years. Now the BJP government has taken the lead in changing their fortunes.

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Addressing a public meeting organized in support of BJP candidates in Rewa in connection with campaigning for assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. PM Modi alleged that the Congress government had made the country and state deemed helpless in 55 years.

PM Modi in Rewa accuses former Congress Govt. 

He said that the Congress’s works and exploits are such that they no longer let anyone in their states survive. Congress governments in Uttar Pradesh ruled for years. There was a small state but when they were out of the house, they did not return till now. Congress ruled the state in West Bengal. But the people there overcame the Congress and the Communists came to power in West Bengal. Now for 45 years, Congress is out there.

Accusing PM Narendra Modi, he said that the Congress had initiated corruption in the country. When Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister, he had said that a rupee comes out of Delhi and goes to the village to get 15 paise. At that time there was no other than the Congress from the Panchayat to the Parliament. Now their corruption is over, they are adhering to Narendra Modi because of this, they are very angry.

Let us tell you that in Madhya Pradesh, the same phase will be held on November 28. Counting of votes will take place on December 11. There are 230 assembly seats in 53 districts of Madhya Pradesh.

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