Petrol Diesel Prices in India to Come Down by Rs. 2.50 Per Litre

Petrol Diesel Prices

Petrol Diesel Prices are revised on every day but today Govt. has cut the excise duty for Crude Oil. Hence, Petrol prices are deducted by Rs. 2.50/-. Petrol prices are updates based on crude oil rates. On Thursday, the Center and several state governments announced a tax cut on petrol and diesel. After that oil rate has declined. On Friday, the price of petrol in Mumbai dropped below 90. Petrol and diesel have become cheaper in other cities too.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday announced a reduction of Rs 2.50 per liter in petrol and diesel prices. After the announcement, the price of petrol in Delhi has dropped to Rs 81.50 per liter on Friday. In Mumbai, it has come down from Rs 90 to Rs 86.97 per liter.

It is worth noting that the Center has reduced the excise duty on diesel-petrol by Rs 1.50 per liter. This is because they want to reduce the Petrol Diesel Prices of one rupee per liter. Not only this, but they also want to bear the burden of government employees working in petroleum retailing.

Petrol Diesel Prices Declined Today by Rs. 2.50/L

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also suggested a reduction of VAT by the States, cutting prices. After that 12 BJP-ruled states and Jammu and Kashmir had reduced the amount by 2.5 rupees. In this way, the Petrol Diesel Prices in these states are likely to be reduced by 5 rupees/ liter.

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Petrol price in Delhi has come down to Rs 81.50 per liter in Delhi. One day before Thursday, October 4, the price of petrol in Delhi was 84 rupees per liter. After tax deduction, diesel is getting Rs 72.95 per liter in Delhi on Friday.

In Mumbai, the price of petrol has come down to Rs 86.97 per liter and diesel has been priced at Rs 77.45 per liter. On Thursday, the price of petrol in Mumbai was 91.34 rupees and the price of diesel was 80.10 rupees.

In Kolkata, on Friday, the rate of petrol has been increased to Rs 83.35 / liter and diesel rates were Rs 74.80 / liter on October 5. On October 4, the petrol was getting Rs 85.80 / liter and diesel was 77.30 / liter.

In Chennai, on October 5, petrol is getting Rs 84.70 / liter and diesel is priced at Rs 77.11 / liter. Similarly, in Noida, on Friday, October 5, the price of petrol is Rs 79.08 / liter and diesel price is Rs 71.10 / liter.

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