Petrol Diesel Price: Get Free Food and Tea on Feeding Petrol & Diesel

Petrol Diesel Price

Gasoline pumps ranging from Maharashtra border to Sadhwa in Madhya Pradesh are getting very interesting view these days due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Petrol Diesel Price is more expensive in Madhya Pradesh due to VAT increase on petrol and diesel. That’s why the truck drivers or other drivers are passing from MP for carrying petrol or diesel in Maharashtra.

With this, the petrol pump owners have started to lose. In order to reduce the losses, petrol pump operators offer gasoline and diesel in exchange for free breakfast. Along with this, they are also playing a lucky draw to offer mobile, fridges, air conditioners, laptops, and bikes so that pump’s cell could grow. Hence, most of the MP driver came on the petrol pump.

Petrol Diesel Price Today 12th September 2018:

The petrol pump owners agree that petrol-diesel price is more expensive in Madhya Pradesh than Maharashtra. That is why the car dealers do not dump the diesel here or else they are also boiled then only the petrol or diesel can be supplied as they reach Maharashtra.

Now, they want the government to cut taxes so that their cell can grow like before. Petrol pump owner Anuj Khandelwal has demanded that the government should reduce VAT on petrol diesel.

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The scheme of free breakfast and lucky draw instead of petrol and diesel is also working. The truck drivers are also stopping the diesel stuck on petrol pumps for all of them.

Let us tell you that the petrol diesel price in Madhya Pradesh is very much affecting the petrol pump in Senthwa and Burhanpur, which is on the border of Maharashtra. Rates of VAT on petrol and diesel in Madhya Pradesh are very high. Here petrol is 28 percent VAT and diesel has 22 percent tax.

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