Padmavati will not be released on December 1, Movie makers move up ahead

Padmavati Release date delayed

Between the ongoing controversies over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmavati, Makers has extended the film’s release date. The makers of the film Viacom 18 motion pictures have extended their release date on their own. Earlier it was to be released on December 1. Makers said that the next release date will be told on time. Earlier, Vasundhara Raje, Rajasthan’s Chief, appealed to Smriti Irani, that the film should not be released without necessary changes. Explain that Rajput organizations are protesting across the country including the Rajasthan of the film.

What did the makers of Padmavati say?

Take care of the law and order

– Viacom18 Motors Pictures spokesperson said, “We take care of institutions like Law and Order and Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). As a corporate citizen following the law, we are committed to following procedures and agreements. We believe we will soon get the necessary approval for the release of the film.”

Masterpiece is Padmavati

– “Padmavati is a cinematic masterpiece in which Rajputana is shown gloriousness, respect and tradition in a glorious way. This film is like a story that every Indian will be proud of hearing, and, to tell our story all over the world. Shows strength.”

The censor board had returned the film

– CBFC returned the film to producers on Saturday. This was done for technical reasons. The application given for tarral, certification was incomplete.

– Censor board chairman Prasoon Joshi told the news agency, “The censor board has not seen the film nor has given it a certificate, but it is extremely sad to review the film on private channels and its national channels.”

– He said, “On one side, pressure on the censor board is going to accelerate the process of film release, on the other hand, efforts are being made to eliminate the process of the board.”

Vasundhara also wrote about Padmavati

– Rajasthan CM wrote in a letter to Smriti Irani on Saturday, “Please make sure that the film should not be released without necessary changes.” Before citing the Padmavati film, the Censor Board should consider all possible outcome. , The Committee of Members of the Film Expert and Rajput Community should be created, so that the subject of the film can be seen and necessary changes can be made so that anybody Even the feelings of the community are not hurt.”

– This was the first official communication from the Rajasthan government between the ongoing controversies over Padmavati.

What is the objection about the film Padmavati?

In Rajasthan, the Karani army, BJP leaders and Hindu organizations have accused the history of molestation. Rajput Karani Senna believes that intimating scenes between Padmini and Khilji in film has hurt her feelings. Therefore, before the release of the film, Rajput representatives of the party should be shown.

Where did the controversy start?

– In Rajasthan, his protest started during the film shooting. At the time of shooting, Rajput Karani army had performed many places and used to burn effigies. Some people had mistreated Sanjay Leela Bhansali during the shooting in Jaipur, after which the film set was set in Kolhapur, it was burnt here too.