Now the Traffic Police Will Not Show DL and Cart Papers, the Phone Will Work Only

Traffic Police

For people traveling on their own vehicle, good news has come from the Center’s Modi Government. Now you do not have to always have a driving license or a vehicle registration certificate during the trip. Now instead of the paper, you will be able to use them only when you need it from your mobile.

Be that as it may, for this, you need to enter your subtle elements on the advanced transport arrangement of the Union Govt or on the Transport Ministry’s relocation stage.

Center Gave Directions to States

The govt has issued advice to the states on Thursday, eliminating the compulsion of physically carrying driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates, that on Thursday, they have issued advice to the states that they should send all such documents to the electronic form through the digital roller or migration platform. accept.

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Ministry of Road Transport and Highways told the states that electronic form submitted through official platforms will be treated as equivalent to certificates issued by licensing, registration certificate or other document driving transport authorities.

Such Use

The govt has created a website called for this. From here you can download the Diesel Locker app. After this, you can open your Digital Account. You have to enter the mobile number for this. Then the One Time Password (OTP) will appear on your mobile number which can be authenticated to the mobile number.

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Then you have to select username and password. You can upload your document after the creation of a Digital Booker account. You can also give your base number to avail the services of the digitizer.

What Else is in the Instructions

It has been clarified in the advice that in both platforms, citizens have the facility to keep documents in electronic form. It said that insurers of new vehicles and insurance renewal of old vehicles are also being uploaded by the Insurance Information Board on a daily basis and it is also visible in the Ministry’s M-Transport and e-challan app.

The statement said, “If the details of insurance are also available with the registration details of the vehicle on a Mipewarivan or e-challan app, then the physical copy of the insurance certificate is not required.”

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The Ministry also said that in case of any crime, there is no need to physically seize such documents, as law enforcement agencies can seize electronically through the ‘e-challan’ system, which will appear in the electronic database.

The statement said, “ICT based online verification of certificates will help law enforcement authorities ensure the authenticity of the details, which will ensure better compliance and effective monitoring.”

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