Neeraj Arora, becoming next CEO of WhatsApp, left the Company

CEO of Whatsapp

A man who is in the race of becoming CEO of Whatsapp quit his job. According to the latest report, after working for 7 years Whatsapp, the company’s Chief Business Officer Neeraj Arora is leaving the company. He has left the company for some reasons.

You will be known that both of the founders of instant messaging app Whatsapp have already left the company. But one of the company’s oldest employees, Neeraj Arora who is another business officer has recently announced to leave WhatsApp. Slowly after the acquisition of Facebook, the company’s old top executives have left the company.

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At the beginning of this year when the search was done for the CEO of Whatsapp, Neeraj Arora was also considered as a strong contender for the post. Although not appointed CEO, Chris Daniels was given the responsibility of this post.

Neeraj Arora has said in one of his posts that he wants to spend time with family. He do not have enough time for the post of CEO of Whatsapp. He said, ‘time passes, but not memories. Seven years have passed since Jane and Brian kept me in Whatsapp. According to him, this was a great journey.

Who is Neeraj Arora?

Jane and Brian started Whatsapp apps together and in 2014. They sold their company for Facebook $ 19 billion. At first, both worked for Whatsapp. But both of them left Whatsapp. The reason for leaving both the founders’ company is due to the absence of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. This causes Jane and Brian were serious about privacy. They did not want to advertise on this platform.

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Overall, it is now that Facebook has completely taken the Whatsapp app in its own right. Now Facebook is ready to run its own way. Initially, it was not so and Zuckerberg had ensured that Whatsapp would work independently. But the situation has changed and the world is known.

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