Lok Sabha Election: If the BJP came to power, riot may happen

Lok Sabha Election

Lok Sabha Election in India, a report from the US Intelligence revealed before the general election in India. It is supposing that political violence can increase before Lok Sabha Elections in India.

There are only a few months left for Lok Sabha election in India. These elections are the eyes of the whole world. There is a report from the US about the election that can surprise everyone. A report submitted to the US Senate claims that if the Bharatiya Janata Party emphasizes the issue of Hindu nationalism before the election, violence possibility in India may increases. There is a possibility of communal violence in India.

America’s intelligence agencies assess the risks arising in the world. This report is presented to the US Senate Select Committee. Report is prepared by the Director of National Intelligence Dan Quotes.

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Possibility of communal violence in India ahead of Lok Sabha Election in 2019:

The report says, “If Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party goes ahead on Hindu nationalist issues then the possibilities of communal violence can increase before the Lok Sabha elections in India.”

Let us know that at the beginning of every year in the US, all intelligence agencies in the country issue a report. Under this report, all events occurring around the world are evaluating. In this report, American Intelligence Agency CIA Director Jeanna Hospel, FBI Director Christopher Ray and DIA Director Robert Ashley are also including.

Dan Quotes said, “During the first tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, communal tension depends in BJP-ruled states. Some Hindutva leaders in the states believed in it as a sign of Hindu nationalism. They supports the sporadic violence to fill energy in their supporters. ”

So, before the Lok Sabha Election 2019, such violence can encourage Islamist terrorism organizations in India to promote it. This report claimed that before the elections, relations between India and Pakistan can also become stressful.

He said in the report that there may an increase in line-of-control, cross-border terrorism on the Indo-Pakistan border. Therefore, it will increase the tension in both countries. Let us know that this year, in April-May, general elections will conduct in India.

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