Internet Will Shutdown Over The World in The Next 48 Hours


The users on the Internet use within the next 48 hours could be trouble. According to a report, today all the users can get an error of Connection Failure. They will face this type of trouble due to the main domain for some time. Your network infrastructure will be down. That’s why all the users announce that they can struggle for the upcoming 48 hours. So, you are advised that no one need to get stress about it. Because as soon as possible net services will restart once again. To get furthermore updates, you can visit Here you will find daily updates.

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will serve as maintenance by changing cryptographic keys during this affecting user. Changes in the cryptographic keys Internet address book, Name System (DNS) is being used to secure. According to ICANN is necessary to do so because of increasing cyber-attacks.

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Communication Regulatory Authority said in a statement, “If the Network Service Providers did not prepare for this change, there may be users affected. However, to avoid its effects to system security extensions enable”.

What is ICANN?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a No. profit organization that put the Network connection worldwide network maintenance and work to secure. Also that the Organization IP addresses space, protocol parameters, DNS management, and root server system management job function. It works the Organization central Internet access to technical Menntenens.

In the next 48 hours Internet users, the ability to open web pages and transactions can also be difficult. Users of old Internet service provider in order to access the global network can be difficult. Stay tuned with us to get all latest updates. For more updates follow on Facebook and Twitter.