India backed Afghanistan dam to put Pakistan under pressure

India backed Afghanistan dam

From the above headline it is clear that India is now ready to build Shahtoot dam in Afghanistan. India has taken this decision and will soon go to help the Afghanistan. Yes, last week the Indian Government has agreed to give lend support to the government of Afghanistan through building a dam on the Kabul river basin.

Apart from this, Pakistan has worried because it will give the result that lesser water will pass into the Pakistan. This project raises hackles in Pakistan.

India will build a Lalandar dam in Afghanistan, worries Pakistan

Recently, as per the latest news that India has planned to help the Afghan government by making a dam on the Kabul river basin. But Pakistan has made angry due to this action of India. Pakistan says that if India develops a Mulberry Dam under Kabul then resultant it will reduce water flowing into Pakistan.

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Actually, the Kabul River flows from the Sanglakh region of the Hindukush Mountain. After that, Kabul River goes to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan passes from Kabul, Surabi and Jalalabad.

As per the sources, it is said that Shahtoot Dam construction may cost $300 million. It means Mulberry Dam cost up to 21 million as per the Indian Rupees. India has proposed to build Mulberry dam on Kabul River in the district of Chahar Asiab. However, Pakistan is against of this proposal of India.

Now Pakistan is pressurizing the Afghanistan for the water sharing after the decision to build the dam made by Indian Government.

Pakistan has asked Kabul and its tributaries for water sharing. On the other side, Afghan government doesn’t have a positive attitude on this matter.

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Well, the Dam named Shahtoot has now changed to “Lalandar” Dam. As per the officials, the project will be finished in the next month. After that, new procurement process will be started of this project.

Pakistan asked the Afghanistan to sign a bilateral treaty for water sharing. But till now Afghanistan government has not given a positive reply on this matter.

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