Hungary Prime Minister says “have Four kids in Hungary, You’ll pay no income tax for lifetime”


Budapest: European countries are suffering from the decreasing population of Hungary and the increasing number of migrants. To increase the population of the country, Prime Minister ‘Victor Orban’ announced to give concessions to women under the new policy. Victor said that if a woman under 40 years of marriage is married for the first time, a loan of up to Rs. 25 lakh will be given without interest. Not only this, once the third child is born, his loan will be forgiven.

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Victor Orban: Just the way to save future of Hungary

  1. Having more than four children, women will not have to pay income tax in life. Apart from this, the government will also give Rs. 6 lakh to the family of three or more children to buy a seven-seat car. Victor said that this was the only way to reduce dependence on expatriates and preserve the future of Hungary.
  2. Addressing the Annual State of the Nation, Victor said that generating more children of Hungarian families is better than permitting migrants from entering Muslim countries. He said, “I do not want to enter more migrants so the population can increase.” Yes, my thinking is that we should not have numbers, Hungarian children. Our migration is like surrender.
  3. In addition, Victor said that this decision will result in a reduction in the population of Hungary. The women are encouraging for more children. When Orban was addressing the nation, there was a demonstration against these policies in capital Budapest. Two thousand demonstrators were demanding it to be withdrawn in front of his office. The movement took place elsewhere.
  4. Hungary’s population is 97.8 million. Every year 32 thousand people are getting reduced.
  5. There is an average of 1.45 children in Hungary, which is less than the average of the EU 1.58. In the EU, France is at the forefront of this matter.
  6. France has an average of 1.96 children. Spain is at the bottom of this list, with an average of 1.33 children.
  7. The world’s largest breeding rate is from Niger, West Africa. There are 7.24 children per woman there.

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