Hafiz wants to remove name from militant list, filed Petition in UN

Hafiz Saeed Petition UN

Hafiz Saeed wants to remove name from the list of terrorists. For this, he has filed a petition in the United Nations (UN). Last week, Hafiz was ordered by Pakistani court to release him after 10 months of detention. After the release, Saeed had said that India would not spoil anything. Kashmir will be liberated soon.

Lahore’s Law Firm has filed a petition

According to media reports, Lahore law firm Mirza And Mirza has filed a petition in the UN on behalf of Saeed. This application was filed only when it was under house arrest.

– In Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau, former Prosecutor General Naveed Rasool Mirza has also convinced the fact that Hafiz Saeed has installed a petition in the UN. The son of Navda, Haidar Rasool Mirza, is Hafiz’s lawyer in the UN.

What has been said in the petition?

– “We are filing a petition on the behalf of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, and we want that the name of Hafiz should be removed from the list of organizations associated with ISIL (Da’esh) and al-Qaeda.” This list is compiled by the UN Security Council and Al Qaeda Sections Committee has prepared.”

Sayed Saeed?

After the verdict came, Hafiz said, “Despite all the efforts of India, I was released, I was imprisoned for 10 months, so that my voice could be pressed against Kashmir.” Hafiz celebrated the release by celebrating the cake.

– “I will continue fighting for the freedom of Kashmiris and Kashmir, and I will continue to collect people from all over Pakistan for Kashmir, and it will be our endeavor that Kashmiri will be able to succeed in their own purpose of independence.”

– “I am glad that no allegation against me was proved, therefore, the three High Court judges ordered the release.India has been making baseless allegations against me, the court’s decision proves my innocence. The Indian government had apologized to the US for this.”

Immediately threaten Hafiz Pak

– The White House press secretary Sarah Senders said, “The US condemns the release of terrorist Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists Hafiz Saeed, we want him to be arrested again and be prosecuted.”

– “The release of Pakistan’s Hafiz has got the wrong message, Pakistan has been saying that the international terrorism is committed to the fight and it will not allow terrorists to flourish on their land.” But it was proved wrong by the release of Hafiz.”