Google’s Voice Access App: Use Smartphone without touching the App

Voice Access App

Today Google has launched a new app for Android smartphones. The name of this app is Voice Access App which is mainly designed for hands-free control. Right now, this app is in the English language. But very soon other languages will also be here. By using this app named Voice Access, a person can use their smartphone without touching it. This app will give users the option to navigate, write, and edit text in the app without touching the phone. You can also use it to talk to Google Assistant.

This Voice Access App is very useful or helpful for those users who are doing some work and their both hands are busy. But at the same time, they want to write some text. An app screen can control with voice access. It can be adjusted as per your need. The app can also navigate and scroll the screen. For example, if you have to type or edit text, Ok Google will have to speak and then the app you want to open is to give commands.

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Control Your Phone Using Google Voice Access App

However, Google says that this app is being developed by placing people suffering from Parkinson’s attention. Apart from this, this app will also help those who are suffering from Arthritis and Spinal Cord Disease.

After this, there is something to say in order to type text. You can say, by listening to ‘Delete the Line’ or ‘Stop listening’. What you say will automatically be typed and then the closing will end.

The company has also said that people whose hands are not free are doing some work can take benefit from this app. In both situations, people can use this app. This app is currently only in English, but later other languages can be added.

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