Google has removed UC Browser from Play Store, Allegations for Sending Indian users’ data to China

Google Removed UC Browser Play Store

Google has removed UC Browser from its Play Store for 30 days. That is, the UC Browser cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store. The personal data of Indian users on UC Browser, owned by Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, is alleged to be sent to its servers in China. It is also alleged that if the user uninstalls this browser or even removes the browsing history, then the device remains on the UC’s control. For two months the UC Browser was in dispute over this matter. The Indian government also interrogated the UC in this case and also asked to check with the Digital Lab.

Allegations for Sending IMEI Number and Location Information:

– The Data Research firm State counter also said that the UC Browser is sending the user’s information to the IMEI number and location, on its servers located in China.

– Google also found the UC Browser to store personal data of someone in this way against the policy and removed it from the Play Store.

– Meanwhile, an e-mail sent to UC from Google has been leaked. According to this, UC Browser was also working to increase downloads via spam links and redirect links with the wrong link.