Fuel Prices Hike: Petrol Prices Crosses Rs. 90 Mark in Maharashtra

Fuel Prices Hike

Petrol & Diesel prices hiked by 90 on the next day of Bharat Bandh

We want to tell you here that due to international reasons, the price of petrol and diesel is continuously increasing in the country. For the same reason, the whole opposition had called India Closed on Monday, 10 September. This led to violence in many parts of the country in India. Due to the fuel prices hike, there is growing anger in the public. But the price of petrol and diesel increased again on the next day of India shutdown.

On Tuesday, the petrol-diesel in Delhi increased by 14 paise. Along with this, petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 80.87 per liter and diesel Rs 72.97 per liter. Petrol in the financial capital Mumbai also rose by 15 paise to Rs 88.26 per liter. At the same time, diesel has increased to Rs 77.47 per liter with 15 paise increase.

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In Parbhani city of Maharashtra, the price of petrol crossed 90 on Monday. Here petrol is getting 90.05 per liter. Diesel is priced at Rs 77.92 a liter.

Why fuel prices hike next day of Bharat Bandh?

As I told you above that after Bharat Bandh, Petrol scales to Rs. 80.87 in Delhi. This occurs first time in our history that petrol prices have crossed Rs. 80 in Delhi.

In fact, the price of petrol in the country can break the level of 90 rupees. Continuous crude oil prices have been witnessing in the global market. Wherever the Central Government is spending more rupees than its treasury by purchasing expensive crude oil,  the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously skyrocketing in the country.

Apart from this, on 10 September”Bharat Bandh” protested by the Shiv Sena against the fuel price hike and Sena called it BJP’s “Ache Din”.

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