Elder Sister Kept Captive By His Brother For Two Years

Elder Sister

Delhi: A matter came out of Delhi’s Rohini may surprised you. Humanity is shy in the capital Delhi.  Here, every person is surprised to see the condition of 50 years old lady. 50 years old lady is now looking 90 years old. This is because a brother has crossed all the limits of poverty with his elder sister.

In Rohini area of Delhi, a brother broke all the limits of humanity and kept his elder sister in captivity on the roof of the house for two years. Alam was that the victim was given bread in four days. For this reason, she has remained only the structure of bones.

The woman on the roof was kept between the stools. Delhi Women’s Commission has liberated the woman with the help of police. The police have registered an FIR. It is being told that the condition of the victim’s condition (women) is not well.

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Hence, the Delhi Women Commission received 181 women helpline information that a woman has been kept in the house. When the commission’s team arrived, the brother’s wife in the house refused to open the gate.

How Elder Sister Kept Hostage by Brother

After this, the police-cum-women’s commission team, which arrived at the information reached the house again, refused to open the gate. After this, the police reached the victim from the roof of the neighborhood about the police team. Everyone disappointed by the condition of the woman on the roof because of that the team abused.

He told that elder sister bones have become very weak due to hunger. It is a sad fact that no neighbor even inform the police about this matter that how her brother and sister-in-law can treat their elder sister in such a way. Maliwal appealed that if such cases arise then people should tell the police.

Actually, this case came to light when the lady’s second brother called the Delhi Women’s Commission Helpline number and gave the information. He had said on the phone that he is battling brain sickness and his brother stopped him.

On Tuesday, when the team of the Women’s Commission reached her house in Rohini, the lady’s brother and sister-in-law refused to open the gate and asked the officials to return. After which the police went and released the woman.

The condition of the 50-year-old woman was bad. Lady found on the roof in the open where the stools were spread all around. After seeing the lady’s condition, we immediately take an action and admit that lady to Ambedkar Hospital.

Culprit Brother arrested by the Police

The elder brother of the victim women told the commission that the mental state of her sister is not good. First, she lived with her mother at her house. After the mother’s death, she started living with the younger brother.

The elder brother says that his younger brother did not take proper care of his sister. The sister’s entire family used to behave inhumanly with her sister. The younger brother did not let anyone meet the sister.

Delhi Women Commission Chairman Swati Maliwal and Commission member Kiran Negi met the 50-year-old woman by visiting the hospital. Swati said that the lady kept in a very inhuman manner.

He said that Police should arrest the lady’s brother and his wife immediately without any further delay. They have appealed that if anyone shows such an incident around him then he should immediately inform the Commission. For more latest updates follow newshubupdate.com on Facebook and Twitter.