EC notice to Rahul Gandhi: Asked why the action should not be taken against you after breaking the code of conduct?

EC notice to Rahul Gandhi

Just a day before the second phase voting in Gujarat, a controversy broke out on Rahul Gandhi’s TV interview. The BJP complained to the Election Commission accusing Rahul on breaking the code of conduct of the election. On Wednesday evening, at 7:30 pm, the Election Commission issued a notice to Rahul asking, ‘Explain why you should not be prosecuted for breaking the model code of conduct’. About 7:30 pm, the Election Commission ordered an FIR against the channels. Rahul has been asked to answer on December 18 at 5 pm. In order to argue in Rahul’s defense, many Congress leaders reached the Election Commission at around 9 pm on Wednesday night.

Order of FIR against channels

– Let Rahul’s interview be done on Wednesday at 1 a.m. on Wednesday, on three local channels. In which he attacked PM Modi and BJP. In addition, the Congress has made one-sided victory claims. After the BJP’s complaint, the Congress also reversed. About 7:30 pm, the Election Commission ordered an FIR against the channels.

What did the Congress say?

– Congress leaders who reached the Election Commission talked to the media National spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said: The channels have been suppressed. In 2014, Modi gave interviews to many channels. The BJP’s symbol was shown. Then the Elections Commission did not take any action. Amit Shah gave interview today. Piyush Goyal did two-two press conferences. PM picks up political speeches in FICCI’s program. The voice of the press should not be pressed. Double standards will not run. First of all, the action should be taken on PM.

What did Rahul say?

In the interview, Rahul had claimed that Congress would win the single election in Gujarat elections. He had said- The Gujarat Statement has changed. We are confident that the Congress party is going to win Gujarat elections. One day before this interview, Rahul had his first press conference as Congress President. In this also, Rahul had said that Gujarat’s results would be shocking.

What else to say in the interview?

1) Manifesto created by asking the public

– Rahul said, “This time people in Gujarat are very angry about BJP, which Modi could not give to Vijaya BJP, I think the Congress party is going to win elections in Gujarat. We created a manifesto by asking every class, we have given a vision and this is not our vision of the people of Gujarat.”

2) Will be completely unilateral elections

– “We are completely convinced that this will be a one-sided election, it is not about 92. It will be completely unilateral, the transit in Gujarat has changed now.”

3) Modi gives half an hour in speech to Congress

– “The Congress Party is an old ideology: In India, there is the ideology of loving brotherhood to take everyone together, it cannot be freed from Hindustan. If Congress has become an independent India, Why do the Congress give time to the Congress, I think that the way in which it is spoken nowadays does not adorn the country. Our ideologies are different, but the matter should be from Tamizi Hia, must be love.”

4) Do not tolerate wrong words against PM

– “The prime minister is a represenator of Hindustan, respecting that post, I have sent a clear message, what Manishankar ji said is not acceptable to me, I told him that in this manner can not be said in Congress. Differences are from the PM, as he speaks about us, he is above them .. We will not say. Manmohan Singh gave a very good answer to the PM that I am Hindus I am a PM. I have given the whole life to Hindustan and it is not right to use these words about x prime minister and speak in this way.

5) BJP will be surprised by the outcome

– “For three-four months I am looking at the mood of Gujarat, the tempo is going on increasing. I am quite the Confident and the BJP will be surprised.”

Events like this after Rahul’s interview

1. Noon at 3:20 pm: Take Commission’s inquiry on interview: Piyush Gayle

Union minister Piyush Gayle said in the press conference, “There is no permission for interviewing 48 hours before voting.” Rahul Gandhi has fired the Code of Conduct. The Election Commission should act on the matter.”

2. 5:30 pm: Action on Modi to do this – Surjevala

According to Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, “Modi had given interview to his devotee channel one day before voting in 2014. If Rahul breaks the code of conduct, then the commission should take legal action against Modi.”

3. 7:30 and 8:40 pm: Election Commission notices Rahul

Meanwhile, the Election Commission said, “Interview is the broadcast of the broadcast 126 (1) (B), register FIR against the channels, Rahul will tell till 18th Dec, why not take action against you?”

4. 9:15 pm: Congress received from the Congress, protested

Randeep Surjewala said, “Amit Shah gave interview on Wednesday (Wednesday), Goyal has two press conference, PM FICCI gives political speech in the program, double standard will not run.”