Delhi Air Pollution: Smoky smoke before Diwali, Pollution at Top Level

Delhi Air Pollution

Before the 5 days lighting festival of Diwali, the cover of mist has spread in Delhi. Delhi Air Pollution has been reached at its peak level. On Monday, Delhi’s air quality has also declined. One more time, Delhi is in Danger because of poor air quality. Once again the murderous haze has taken the capital Delhi to its grip on the festival of Diwali. With the changing season in Delhi, the haze of mist is also increasing. The quality of air is constantly falling in the Delhi-NCR region. A decrease in air quality is making people difficult to breathe. On Monday, the latest figures showed that the picture is not clear. Delhi is cover with smoke or fog due to which the Supreme Court has banned on crackers this Diwali.

According to the Air Quality Index on Monday, 707 on the temple route, 676 near Major Dhyan Chand Stadium, 681 points at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Also, in Delhi PM 2.5 and PM 10 in the ‘Poor’ category.

Delhi Air Pollution Not in Control

On one side there is a deadly fog in Delhi. There was a fire in Jangpura area of the capital on Sunday night. There was a fire in the garbage dump. After which the fire flames continued for a long time and smoke became smoke.

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In addition to the mist, the temperature in Delhi also decreased on Monday.  Monday morning started with fog shadow in north India including Delhi. Even before the festival of Diwali, there is such a bad situation in Delhi. Now after viewing the condition of Delhi, it is clear that these difficulties may also increase further in the upcoming days.

Monday morning at 8.30 am the capital’s temperature has dropped to 14.8 degrees. Visibility in the Safdarjung area of the capital is 500-600 meters. Due to Delhi air pollution, smoke and fog are mixed. This is the main reason for invisibility in Delhi’s NCR region.

Also, the Supreme Court has issued some guidelines on Diwali. The Supreme Court has issued guidelines that only green crackers should be burnt on Diwali this year from 8:00 till 10:00 at night. Any kind of construction in Delhi has been banned altogether so that Delhi air pollution can be controlled. For more updates, stay tuned with