Delhi Air Pollution: NGT Asked Delhi Government to Pay Rs. 500 Crore

Delhi Government

NGT has imposed a penalty of Rs 500 Crore on the Delhi Government. This is because of the Kejriwal Govt. has failed to prevent pollution. Air pollution and water pollution have increased due to the steel industry in Delhi. But DPCC fails to control around 62 large units of Delhi due to which the NGT was so annoyed. As a result, the court imposed a fine of Rs. 50 Crore on the Delhi government.

The NGT said that our repeated orders have not been followed yet. The court said that the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has not even given the affidavit so far as to why the electricity and water connections given to these units have been given? The court said, should the DCCC Chairman order to arrest us for this matter? During the hearing, the judge was so angry that he said, “Do you tell yourself that you pay a fine of 500 crores or 100 crores for your negligent attitude?” However, during the writing of the order, the court imposed a fine of Rs 50 Crore on the Delhi Government.

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Why Delhi Government Failed to Control Air Pollution

Actually, there is air pollution while stainless steel is polished. Apart from this, the steel is cleaned with acid before polishing, and then the water is used. The water of this acid is shed in the same way. The court questioned how the Delhi Pollution Control Committee allowed permission to install electricity and water connections to run these units while it is completely illegal, and the DPCC has no right to give NOC to these units.

The court said that we will prosecute one officer of the Delhi Pollution Control Board who did not follow our orders in this case. The NGT said that if the Delhi government did not order the closure of these units, should the DPCC have also handled the hand? Refuting the Additional Secretary of the DPCC, the NGT said why did not you follow your duty?

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