China creates world’s largest amphibius plane, can fly for 12 hour


Become In China First Amphibious Plane AG600 First Flight On Sunday This aircraft, which is considered the world’s largest amphibius plane, is specially operated by both water and land. The plane, with the code named ‘Kunlong’, flew its first flight from Civil Aviation Airport at 9:39 in the morning. After flying for about 1 hour, people welcomed it at the time of landing. Explain that China wanted to test this plane in early 2017, but its first flight was postponed for a few days after ground testing in April.

This is the plane’s speciality

– Become completely in China This aircraft has four turboprop engines installed. The length of this plane from front to back is about 39.6 meters. The total length of both wings is 38.8 meters.

According to the aviation industry corporation of China, the builder of Plane, the take-off weight of this plane is around 53.5 tons. With this weight the plane can fly continuously for about 12 hours at a time.

– The maximum speed of this plane is 500 kilometers per hour.

Only a few countries have this technology

According to Huang Lingkai, designer of AG600, “The successful flight of this plane has brought China to the count of selected countries that can make amphibious aircraft.”

Search and Rescue will come in operation

– China has created this aircraft for search and rescue operations. However, it will also be used to monitor the enemy and deal with the fierce fire in the forests.

– During the search and rescue mission, Kinlong can pick up 50 people at a time. Simultaneously, 12 times water can be used for fire extinguishing. In the full tank, the plane can carry about 370 tonnes of water.

China’s third largest aircraft is AG600

– AG600 is the third plane in the family of China’s largest aircrafts. China has two more large planes named Y-20 and C-919. Where the Y-20 Air Force has a freighter plane, there is the C-919 Passenger Plane.